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Animal Feeds

People’s Happy Feeds

  • TCM is the sole and only feed producer who works under license from PDDP Central Society including their prestiges feed brands.
  • The first feed manufacturing plant in India with GMF Technology.
  • A three in one formula for growth, milk and fertility to ensure speedy growth for dairy farming.
  • Feed processing ensured through milling, mixing, cooking and pelleting to increase shelf life of feed and easy digestion for better performance.
  • Happy Feed is a complete feed manufactured by using variety of deoiled cakes, pure rice bran, high quality maize etc. to avoid any additional expenditure for raw supplements for feeding cow.
  • Happy Feeds ensures increased milk yield and optimum cost of production by best practice of Quality Management.
  • By employing scientific logistics, inventory and distribution network, uniform MRP is assured for the product throughout the state.
  • The entire feed production process is supported by the PDDP Central Society who is connected to many farmer Producer organisations, committed to continuosupgradion and quality improvement of cattle feed produced by the company.

Factory :
PDDP Central Society, Kuttilakkara, Piraroor P.O, Kalady.
Ph - +91 9207763637, +91 6282017738

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28/2917, Shanthi Nagar, Kadavanthra, Kochi. Ph - 0484 2316771
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